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Custom built and designed Home Theater media cabinet

Homes are built in all shapes, sizes and configurations, add to that a very individual personal taste and budget, and the solutions to a specific home theater need always turns out to be unique. One such solution is sometimes a custom built home theater or media cabinet, a.k.a. entertainment center, we build them from concept to reality, starting out with the gathering of ideas and wishes, then moving on to rendering in 3D graphics and finally bringing the model into manufacturing and installation. Each and every project is unique as it is custom, and reflects the client's needs, vision and taste, we are just the interpreters of your imagination.

We offer various styles and features and take into consideration the space available and budget allotted to the project when designing the final piece. When planning to install the whole cinema experience, it's always better to know the type of speakers and TV mounting option desired by the homeowner, this way we can effectively incorporate any features to accomplish both function and visual appeal, it all aimed not only at complementing the home decor without overtaking it, but also to maximize the movie watching experience in the process.

TV watching is not longer a casual pastime for most consumers, but rather it became a destination of its own as the weekend movie-watching event, or the enjoyment of our favorite music in the company of friends and loved ones. Why not make it the best system we can get?. We make the Home Theater experience affordable and visually appealing, exciting and just short of striking. Contact us for all of your home entertaining needs, you'll be glad you did.

Room Conversion 1 • Room Conversion 2 • Room Conversion 3

Custom built Media CabinetThe need to upgrade is readily apparent
3D rendering of media cabinet Close-up of "floating" TV

Room Conversion 1 • Room Conversion 2 • Room Conversion 3

Available materials for custom-made cabinetry

First of all, the materials used to build your media furniture largely determine the final cost of the project. Putting that aside, most customers have a choice from the following list, although we have to add to this that most wood species can be stained to look like most any sample color or piece of furniture if natural look is what you wish, whereas paint is always a uniform, elegant and welcome option to most clients.

  • Natural hardwood (usually for door frames and moldings)
  • Plywood sheets veneered to resemble solid wood (for large panels and the overall cabinet structure)
  • Melamine sheets (finished wood looking or solid color panels) need no further finishing
  • MDF sheets (brown color, smooth composite wood sheets used in most white or other color finished cabinets)
  • Exotic and/or common wood veneers (to finish-off lower cost substrate and provide a uniform, expensive look)

For further info or for a more comprehensive view of our work, please visit our other specialized site at www.briancardenas.com

Home Theater Solutions that fit your taste and budget

Having the largest screen size TV our wallet can afford is perhaps the biggest concern in the average consumer's mind..... when talking about home entertainment. Next up is getting the best sound quality out of the surround sound system you've been looking at and considering for purchase for the past week or two. Having a qualified home electronics integrator shouldn't be one more of your worries. The average consumer wishes for a quality installation at the lowest cost, sometimes forgetting in the process his or her family safety and long term quality. We offer both, an excellent quality and workmanship, and the peace of mind you can afford by knowing that a licensed, pre-screened contractor will be performing the work, and at all times we conduct ourselves to the highest standards. We've been in business for over three decades, and have served thousands of clients in the process. Electronics and electrical work are and have been a major part of our business for a very long time. Serving clients with care and respect, is always a top priority to us.

Which brand of TV or audio/video receiver do we recommend?

Very often a prospect will call and ask, besides the usual services pricing question, what is the best brand for such or such piece of electronics gear. We don't have any association with or interest in selling any specific brands at this time, but most of the time this is what consumers have us install:

  • Samsung LED TV mostly 55" and up
  • Sony LCD TV mostly 50"
  • Panasonic plasma TV usually 50"
  • LG LCD TV mostly 50" and up
  • Philips LCD TV 50" and up
  • Yamaha audio/video receivers in the $400.00 to $700.00 range
  • Denon A/V receivers
  • Sony A/V receivers
  • Pioneer A/V receivers
  • Onkyo A/V receivers
  • Bose speaker systems (cube type)
  • Klipsch in-wall speakers
  • Polk audio speakers
  • Home-theater-in-a-box type speakers

Having said so, we have installed and serviced most all brands of audio and video equipment, from the low-cost oriented amplifier with basic functionality, to the feature-rich audio/video receiver with network access to the dedicated multi room audio server/distribution amplifier and the associated in wall or cabinet enclosure speakers as well as all sizes and brands of TV monitors in both homes and businesses.

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