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Remodeling the living room for a better look and functionality

Living rooms and/or family rooms aren't always Home Theater friendly, starting with the fact that older homes weren't designed with the need for a TV as the center piece of the room, which is odd enough already, since most people do the majority of TV watching and music listening right in that very same space.

Hundreds of times we have heard from clients looking for solutions that they have no idea why the room was designed the way it is in the first place, since the original design is not home TV-watching oriented, and it all makes us wonder what the architects had in mind when they designed the room (some homes were obviously built before the TV was even invented, whereas some brand new homes as recently built as yesterday are just as much TV unfriendly), the guy giving the final OK to the design must have been either a complete beginner or else a really old folk with absolutely no idea about the expectations and needs of the actual user (the homeowner). From the wiring location (cable and phone line feed) to the electrical receptacle, to the off-centered walls, we are also constantly trying to figure out the designer's way of thinking ......................or lack thereof.

Thankfully, most homes are remodeling-ready, and modifiable. If you are in need of having your home remodeled and redesigned to provide you with better functionality and comfort, without sacrificing looks and safety, please contact us for a free consultation and quote. We are Licensed General Contractors and will gladly design and modify the structure or inner partitions to enhance the looks and function of your Home Theater

Room Conversion 1 • Room Conversion 2 • Room Conversion 3

Home Theater conversion finishedRoom in need of modification
Speaker and TV audio/video wiring Framing up the TV niche and preparing for drywall

Room Conversion 1 • Room Conversion 2 • Room Conversion 3

Home Theater shouldn't cost an arm and a leg or else were would the fun be?

While we run a business aimed at generating a profit to keep us going, in a sustainable way, our pricing is usually lower than you would expect. We don't even attempt to be the lowest priced contractor, although we usually are, but instead we aim to providing you with quality and value.

When you are ready to make your move, please review, research and screen, we have happily passed the informed consumer test time after time.

Basic Home Theater shopping list

  • Systems integrator
  • Flat screen TV set, usually LED or LCD, some people still prefer Plasma screens
  • Audio/Video amplifier and receiver
  • Blue Ray and or DVD player
  • Video game such as Playstation, XBox, Wii
  • iPod and or MP3 player
  • Satellite or cable/ DSL based U-Verse receiver box
  • 5.1 or 7.1 speaker system, includes sub-woofer. Some consumers prefer in-wall speakers, whereas others settle for the box type
  • Interconnection audio/video cables
  • TV mount (bracket)

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